Stay Positive - Inspiring Quotes: How To Know When To Say “I Love You”


Saying β€œI Love You” for the first time is scary. Who says it first? What’s the right way to say it? Here are 10 ways to know that you’re ready to say those three little words:

1. You’re confident in their feelings. You might not know if they’re ready to say it…

Bitter heart.

Three months ago I talked about letting go a friendship.

And just a few weeks ago, another friendship shattered to the ground. I am bit confused as to why it even happened. A sudden angry phone call in the middle of the night caught me by surprise. If it’s such a big deal ask them to meet up. I don’t understand these rude allegations. Were they even necessary? That is all I needed to ask.

Anyways, I’m moving on. Because if I continue to wait for an apology that will never happen, my heart will just become bitter. I do wish you the best, as I always do. Nor do I want an apology for that matter. I just want my friend back. My person.

Since I still do not know why you have so much animosity towards me. I will only tell myself that it is not a big deal. Again, I only wish you the best in the future.